Inheritance Tax Advice

We’re here to help, not hinder

Bourne are specialists in dealing with UK inheritance tax, which is without doubt the most unpopular Tax in the UK and often referred to as the death tax as a result.   In recent years the government have strived to make the rules

surrounding taxation easier to understand but with the value of properties increasing faster than inflation never before have so many individuals been at risk of being caught in the Inheritance Tax Trap.  it makes sense to seek expert advice early and reduce your exposure.

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Questions we are often asked include:

  • how much is inheritance tax
  • how to avoid inheritance tax
  • How to calculate inheritance tax
  • How to complete inheritance tax forms
  • What are the rules around inheritance tax gifts
  • What’s the inheritance tax on property
  • What is the inheritance tax rate
  • What are the inheritance tax rules
  • What is the inheritance tax threshold
Everyone’s situation is different so there is usually no textbook answer, we recommend you speak to us directly and allow us to better understand your interests and highlight how the inheritance tax rules will impact you.

Estate planning

You need the right advice to ensure that those you care most about are the ones who benefit the most from your lifetime of work. Our chartered accountants will help you understand your options and explore the ways in which we can help drive down your inheritance tax liabilities.


Self assessment services

Your self assessment tax return is capable of tying you up in knots and placing demands on you that can result in mistakes being made amongst piles of paperwork. It can be far from simple; yet beyond these reasons, engaging us to handle your self assessment tax return means you have the chance to ensure you’re benefiting from all the tax breaks available to you.

Trusts and executorship

Trusts are capable of ensure you put your loved ones and chosen beneficiaries before the tax man. By placing your assets into trusts our team tap into a straightforward and wholly dependable method of tax liability reduction. We’ll help you to understand the application and potential of trusts and executorships, ensuring that this route is right for you and your family.