A series of frequently Asked Questions have been prepared in relation to:

The “Accountancy & Taxation” service

Q. “How do I know what it is going to cost me?”
A. All fees are agreed in advance

Q. “What information do I need to give you?”
A. We will let you know once the formalities have been completed

Q. “Am I committed to a long term contract?”
A. Whilst most clients have continued to use us to for many years, there is no long term contract.

Q. “What do I do to obtain more information?”
A. send an email using form on the website. Or Call 01883 708090.

Q. “Will you deal with the inland revenue for me?”
A. Yes. That is part of the service.

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The “Ask a Question” service

Q. “Why are you offering this service?”
A. To assist you in understanding a problem.

Q. “Is there a limit to the number of questions that I can ask?”
A. No. But only one question per form please.

Q. “Are there any areas that are not covered?”
A. If the area is not one in which we have expertise we will tell you.

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The “FREE Newsletter” service

Q. “Is there a catch if I sign up?”
A. No. You can stop receipt at any time by telling us.

Q. “Are my details sold or released to other businesses?”
A. Your details are protected by the Data Protection Act.

Q. “Can I stop newsletter being sent to me?”
A. Yes. Simply email Newscribe.

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